ADillaTheGENIUS is a multidisciplinary self-taught visual artist|photographer. A.Dillas' works are contemporary and conceptual while encompassing creative mediums such as graphic design, film & digital photography, photo/film journalism & documentary, collage, fine art, writing, book/zine publishing, fashion, music, event and the entertainments. A.Dilla has thus far exhibited in the North American cities of Atlanta, Ga, Los Angeles, Ca and San Diego, Ca. Some publications and collaboratives include VSCO, Art Nouveau MagazineBrittany BOSCO, Art Hoe Collective, San Diego City BeatADULT. San Diego Art Institute, etc. A.Dilla currently resides in Chicago, IL.


e: info.adilla@gmail.com








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Apr 2011: ART NOUVEAU MAGAZINE "Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him" The Debut Solo Exhibit of GreatEclectic (Atlanta, GA)

Jun 2011: ART NOUVEAU MAGAZINE "When Keeping It Real Goes Right, Ethereal Talks Yelawolf, Beats & More (Atlanta, GA)

Jul 2011: FINK Magazine "Art" Archive Category 

Aug 2011: HerFection "BOSCO - Pacer EP

Aug 2011: FRESH.i.AM "BOSCO - Pacer EP

Aug 2011: CONTRA Magazine "BOSCO - Pacer EP

Aug 2011: CMJ "Bosco -Pacer EP"

Sep 2011: Cocainpretti "BOSCO-Pacer EP"

Oct 2011: Examiner "Get to know BOSCO" 

Oct 2011: mixed-tape.com "US singer Brittany Bosco" 

Nov 2011: Trisickle Magazine Photo Editor Blog 

Dec 2011: We Design Atlanta "FORM" 2011 Book

Mar 2012: The Stud Magazine "Stud Connection" The Power Issue 2012

Sep 2012: San Diego Music Thing 2012

Feb 2013: The Stud Magazine "Artistry" D.I.Y. 2013 Issue

Jun 2013:  2013 San Diego CityBeat Photo Contest

Jun 2013: GO Magazine "100 Women We Love - Je-Shawna Wholley"
Nov 2013: ADULT. EU/UK Fall Entertainment Flyer
Jul 2014: Degreez Ov Separation "AIRPLANES" EP - Sudonim 
Jul 2014: Kolossusrecords "40Minutes for Kolossus: Eden Hagos [Mix]" 
Sep 2014: San Diego Music Thing "Mystery Cave"
Feb 2015: Soulection "F R U I T F U L [MIX] by Eden Hagos"
Mar 2015: Faux Society w/ BKBT Concept | Interview "An Intrinsic Conversation With ADillaTheGENIUS"
Apr 2015: San Diego Trans Community Center "Newsletter"
May 2015: DailyPaper "Eden Hagos X Daily Paper"
Sep 2015: Art Hoe Collective "Photo and Film"
Sep: 2015: Art Hoe Collective "BLACKOUT" 
Nov 2016: 'GENIUS' The Archives V.1 
Feb 2017: fLoromancy 'On Blackness'
Apr 2017: VSCO - Collection
Apr 2017: VSCO - Journal "How To-#Blur" 
May 2017: VSCO - Curated "Flash"
June 2017: VSCO - Curated "Melanin"
Sep 2017: MS.RPRSNTD - "Vol 1: Issue 1- Personal Stories are Facts" Zine
Nov 2017: THE GARDEN - "Wyatt Shears"
Mar 2018: San Diego Art Institute - "Opening night of Tendrement is SDAI's most highly attended opening reception." 
Mar 2018: Vanguard Culture - "Artist ADillaTheGenius with stills from his flickering 13minute video “Beautiful Brutalism” on view at San Diego Art Institute as part of the 'Tendrement' exhibition on view through 4/8."
Jun 2018: Fallen Tree Exhibitions - Vanguard Culture's 'SENSORIUM' "Featured Artists"
Aug 2018: Sweatmother, Tini Ebla, The Other Collective - The Otherness: The Lens of The Other A Night of Video art, Experimental Film, and Transgressive Cinema "Featured Artists"
Jun 2019: VSCO - "A Culture of Inclusivity Pride Month" - Highlighting three photographers Emerson Sanderson, Rodrigo Oliveira, and A.Dilla. Each specializes in portraiture photography and foster inclusivity by positioning the LGBTQ+ community at the center of their work.
Dec 2019: A.I.L Studios - "Featured Artist - ADillaTheGENIUS" - Two part interview 
Group & Solo Exhibitions| Shows & Events

Feb 2012: "Nice & Naughty" - Godo Gallery- Glendale, CA
Jun 2012:  "Skin & Ink" - City of Ink- Atlanta, GA
Jun 2012:  "SMASHBOX Photo Assistants Show" - Smashbox Studios - Los Angeles, CA
Jan 2013:  "Hostel Takeover" - Hostelling International - San Diego, CA
Feb 2013: "Art In The Park" 2nd Annual Women's Edition - Bluefoot Bar & Lounge - San Diego, CA
Mar 2013: "Lifestyle Saturdays" - Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego, CA
Mar 2013: "Cymer Digital Studio Showcase" - YMCA - Mission Valley, CA
Apr 2013: "Hostel Takeover Peace Conference Edition" - Hostelling International - San Diego, CA
May 2013: "Stealing Your Soul" - Stingaree - San Diego, CA
Jun 2013:  "Base Tribe presents Deserts Hearts Pile Palace Fundraiser" -Stage Bar- San Diego, CA
Jun 2013:  "WET" - Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego, CA
Jul  2013:  "Hostel Takeover" - Hostelling International - San Diego, CA
Aug 2013: "DUPLEXITY" - Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego, CA
Sep 2013: "WILDWOOD" - Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego, CA
Oct 2013: "Bass Tribe w/sp Druid Cloak" - Stagebar - San Diego, CA
Oct 2013: "FUTURE Wednesdays present Bluetech" - The Kava Lounge - San Diego, CA
Nov 2013: "Art In The Park" SD Beer Week Edition w/ESTA (Soulection) -Bluefoot Bar & Lounge -San Diego, CA
Nov 2013: "Nocturnal" - Hard Rock Hotel - San Diego, CA
Dec 2013: "Art in The Park" w/ Sir Froderick -Bluefoot Bar & Lounge -San Diego, CA
Dec 2013: "Digital Addiction" - Stingaree - San Diego, CA
Jan 2014: "Hostel Takeover" - Hostelling International - San Diego, CA
Nov 2016: "Hostel Takeover + 'GENIUS' The Archives V.1 + Book Release Party" - Hostelling International - San Diego, CA
Oct 2017: 5th Annual "San Diego Zine Fest" 2017 - 'GENIUS' The Archives V.1, San Diego, CA
Feb 2018: GLYPH: Swisha (JBW/NYC), Mya Gomez (NON/MX), Echavox, S280F, Kass Rose Gold, San Diego, CA
Mar 2018: GLYPH: Abyss X (Greece) + Høunds (LA) + Japanese Emoticon + John Jolley, San Diego, CA
Mar 2018: ༻༻ʚෆɞ TENDREMENT ʚෆɞ༺༺ pop-up exhibition + San Diego Art Institute + Perth Records + GLYPH, Carlos Castro Arias, Stinky Brat, Daniel Barron Corrales, Parker Day. Echavox_06668801 (+ CONESHAPETOP, Ava Eastman), Elsoldelrac, Fecal Matter, Luis Pinto, Luis Alonso Sanchez, Stephanie Sarley, S280F, YENTA, San Diego, CA
Apr 2018: "GENIUS" The Archives V.2 Book Pop-Up Exhibit - Title TK - San Diego, CA
Jun 2018: Fallen Tree Exhibitions: Vanguard Culture's 'SENSORIUM' - IDEA1/I.D.E.A. District - San Diego, CA
Aug 2018: The Otherness: The Lens of The Other A Night of Video art, Experimental Film, and Transgressive Cinema - The Kingston Club - San Diego, CA